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My name is Michael Thomas Waterman. I am a former prisoner who has been down the road of not having hope — then one day I found very decent people who were willing to give me the chance of rebuilding my life.

I had no one and nobody, sitting in a cell without any friends or emotional support. There are many who suffer as I did.

I wanted to start this affordable website for those who don’t have an outlet. Most prisoners have nothing. I know that many put themselves on websites to find a friend or lover. Many hope to find a girlfriend or boyfriend on prison websites.

Many others just want a friend to talk to and to get mail at mail call.

For people in the outside world it might not seem like a big deal to receive mail, but there are three things every prisoner looks forward to: mail call, meal time, and rec (gym and yard).

Let me give you some tips about writing to prisoners.

Let the prisoner know what you expect from your correspondence. You may not care about the reason they are in prison. Or you may need to know. Be open about this.

Use your common sense. Be yourself. And ask the prisoner about his or her interests and concerns.

Write as often as you can. People in prison need letters.

Good luck to you in finding pen pals. Every human being needs love, care, and support.

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